Carbon6 Studio is based in Reston Virginia and run by Brett Ludeke.

Brett discovered photography when he was in high school and started working on portraiture in college.  After college he worked in his own studio and also ran his wedding photography business (www.brett-ludeke.com)

“My photography is heavily influenced by cinema.  I think 2001: A Space Odyssey is the most visually beautiful movie ever.  I love incorporating architecture into my photos.  The bolder the better!  Every picture I take I want it to be something so bold and beautiful that you will want to hang it on your wall and see it everyday.  Think of your famous Renaissance painting, that is what I want to achieve for you.”

Someone once described my work as:

“Brett’s photography offers a glimmer of captivating insight. Through his use of dramatic neo film-noir vision, his photos capture an essence of beauty and elegance that can be overlooked by the masses.”

Brett also is a commercial photographer and you can see his work at Brett Ludeke Photography