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Business Card Headshots | Fairfax VA

Business Card Headshots | Fairfax VA

Have you ever thought of incorporating a business headshot onto your business cards? If so, how do you suppose will people perceive it? Will a business card with a headshot of you give a good first impression? Will it help people easily remember you? Will it create a significant impact in your circle of business? These are just a few questions you should consider before incorporating a headshot photo in your business cards.

Incorporating a headshot photo on to your business cards may seem like an awesome idea. Though this has been done many times already – many professionals have been reconsidering this thought. The following are positive and negative effects and/or considerations which can be applied to people in any type of industry.

Positive Effect of Headshots on your Business Cards

One positive thing about having a headshot photo on your business card is that people will recognize you right away. They will not have second thoughts when first interacting with you because they know what you already look like. Another thing to consider about having a headshot on your business card is the way you look in the headshot, the photograph determines how trustworthy you appear. By just looking at your business card they will have a general impression of you, thus establishing a introductory relationship before you actually meet. Lastly, having a headshot of on your business cards gives your card a certain edge that sets you apart from the usual text – graphic design. Remember that people are visual beings, we usually connect more with imagery thus increasing the recall of the person on the card.

Negative Effect of Headshots on your Business Cards

As for the negative effects of having a headshot on your business cards, these effects/reasons concentrate more on the technicality of things. For example, the immediate association of person. This is most common for bigger companies, but this sometimes implies to the clients that they are working with a certain person and not with the company as a whole. ItIt appears to be an endorsement oneself and setting expectations that you will be working with them; increasing your personal brand rather than the company. Another consideration would be that of time. Let me explain, we print business cards by the thousands. Not all of those cards will be used up anytime soon. What happens if you make a drastic change to how you look? The headshot photo of you featured in your business card will not look like you thus contradicting the first positive effect mentioned above.

The question of headshots on a business card isn’t necessarily a yes or no kind of question. It truly relies on upon the individual, what they’re generally OK with, and what their business objectives are.

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