What should I wear for my headshot?

Choosing an outfit for your headshot session can make or break your photo.  You want to wear something you are comfortable in but also flatters you.  The goal is to make you feel and appear confident, and emphasize your face and eyes.

Don’t worry about trying to look trendy because it can cause your photo to look unprofessional, amateurish and outdated quick.  Also you don’t want your clothing to distract from your face.

With all headshots, you want to make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free.  Pay attention to the way your clothes fits because the wrong fit could make you look sloppy and unprofessional.

Avoid bulky clothing because they can make you look bigger.  Also pay attention to make sure the fabric doesn’t bunch up at any places.  Suits can sometimes bunch up around the shoulders and make you look unprofessional so make sure your suit jackets fit right.

Stay away from jewelry. Jewelry can distract away from your face.


What colors should I wear for my headshot?

Stick with plain colors and avoid patterns.  Patterns are too distracting and can date your photo so avoid stripes, polkadots, and other various patterns.

Choose a color that compliments your skin tone and eyes.   If you have blue eyes, wear a blue shirt that brings them out.  If you have fair skin, wear blues, greens, pinks and grays.  Contrast is key when picking out a color based on your skin tone.  Stay away from white unless its under a suit jacket.  Also, I would stay away from wearing black, many times details get lost in black clothing.


How much editing goes into my headshots?

Lots of editing goes into editing headshots.  We want to make sure you look great but also retain who you are.  Our process involves skin smoothing, adding vibrance to the lips, irises, and hair.  Whiting teeth and eyes, texturizing hair, smoothing wrinkles and editing skin blemishes.  We also bring out colors and contrast to make sure you have that right amount of attention grabbing POP in your headshot!

Here’s a before and after of a recent headshot.


Why are headshots important?

Headshots are important as these photos represent your overall brand. It is important to present yourself in the best way possible so as to attract your target customers to you and your business. By having a headshot it will be your chance to make a good impression that will possibly increase your chances in getting hired, doing business, or just introduce yourself to the other person.

A good headshot elevates you and your brand’s confidence making your image more effective by sending the right message of your professionalism and integrity.


Who should get a headshot?

Now a days, headshot are not just for actors, models and real estate agents anymore. Anyone who wants to give themselves a competitive advantage by presenting who they are and what they have to offer in a professional manner can and should get a headshot. Whether you are a business professional, student, journalist, writer, insurance agent, doctor, lawyer, or anyone as a matter of fact can benefit from this move and make a real difference in your personal brand.


How long does a headshot session take?

A typical headshot session takes 30 minutes to an hour.


Where does the shoot happen?

Our headshot sessions can take place at my 2500sq/ft professional photography studio (http://www.carbon6studio.com/studio/) at Reston, VA or I can come to your office or location of choice to do them.


Do i need a hair stylist and a make-up artist?

Usually, we prefer you to have hair and makeup done before arriving for your shoot but note that it is not required. It all depends on your personal preference. However, should you need one, we also provide hair and makeup at an extra cost.


How much does a headshot session cost?

At carbon6studio we have a various price rates depending on your need. Check out our pricing here (http://www.carbon6studio.com/prices/). For complete prices or custom quotes, contact us at info@carbon6studios.