Importance of a Professional Headshot

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These days, professional headshots are not just for lawyers or real estate agents anymore. In today’s web centric world, you need a professional headshot no matter what industry you are in. You need a photo that best captures you. That headshot should show your appearance, as well as your personality, and it should even show your projects and that you are an expert in your line of work.

Why a Professional Headshot?

A professional headshot will help you stand out, and make a great first impression. First impressions are very important. They are the difference between getting a potential client’s attention and letting an opportunity go. The level of professionalism projected in the first impression from your headshot is due to the professionalism in the quality we provide.

If you forgo to get a professional headshot and opt for a selfie or amateur photo taken by your friend or family, you’re definitely making a big mistake. You will be seen as an inexperienced professional and will most likely be seen as a person who lacks attention to detail and quality. This will in turn reflect poorly on the kind of work that you do. 

If we want to be respected in by our peers and clients, we must show a high level of professionalism! Start by using a memorable professional headshot photo to represent you, this allows people to put a face to your name. It allows people you come in contact with to remember your brand more, thus building your credibility even at a first glance. 

Where will I use these?

Now that we have established the importance of these professional headshots, where will we be able to use them? To put things simply, these photos will represent you. So you must use it everywhere! To name a few:

  • On your new website
  • Biography
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Business card
  • Social media presence
  • Press release
  • Profile photo for your online presence

These materials and portals should used to market you and your personal brand. They are the means by which people will be able to see what you are capable of at first glance. Having a great professional headshot will therefore be the start of something good.

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