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Uploading your Headshot on LinkedIn

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You can change your LinkedIn Profile Photo anytime. If you change your haircut, or your photograph gets outdated, change it with a picture that will enable the people to remember you if they meet you face to face.  It’s always best to update your headshot when you get a haircut or make a big change […]

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Retouching headshot photos

Retouching headshot photos is a unique balance between perfection and authenticity. As a photographer I want your photos to look like you on your best day. This means, your photos should look natural but polished. It shouldn’t appear photoshopped at all because any hint of Photoshop will make you unauthentic. However, your headshots also must seem […]

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3 Different Lighting Styles for Corporate Headshots

There are many different lighting styles for corporate headshots. Today we are going to go over 3 styles and what they do to your face and who they are best for.  Above you will see our 3 different corporate headshot lighting styles!

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How often should I update my LinkedIn Profile Picture?

With the invention of the famous business networking site LinkedIn, it essential that we keep our LinkedIn profiles up to date. This is because we need to be seen and make important associations. To begin with, your LinkedIn profile should not be seen without a headshot profile photo. Profiles with primary photos are up to 14 […]

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Why its important to have a professional headshot

Have you ever heard of that famous saying “Never judge a book by its cover”? While it may have been applicable once upon a time, it really is not totally applicable in our present time. In a world where glitz and glamor is highlighted in our daily lifestyle, we are often judged. May this be in person or […]

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Top skills a Headshot Photographer Has!

Finding a great Headshot Photographer It’s not easy finding a good headshot photographer these days. He or she must make the client look and feel great and most importantly take amazing headshots! To help you out, here are some pointers and skills to look for when trying to find a great Headshot Photographer.

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