Build a Strong, Professional Brand with your Headshot

Professional Brand | Fairfax VA

Professional Brand | Fairfax VA

To build a strong, professional brand, you have to invest in quality headshots of yourself. While it is quite possible to get a decent headshot using your cell phone (keyword decent), hiring an expert headshot photographer is an incredible decision and one of the best things you can do for your brand. Not far off, this headshot ought to be utilized over the majority of your marketing platforms – website, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of your social media platforms. Not only will it promote consistency in all your representation, but it will increase your recognizability amongst people that are seeing your brand and content. Read More

Importance of a Professional Headshot

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These days, professional headshots are not just for lawyers or real estate agents anymore. In today’s web centric world, you need a professional headshot no matter what industry you are in. You need a photo that best captures you. That headshot should show your appearance, as well as your personality, and it should even show your projects and that you are an expert in your line of work. Read More

Business Cards + Headshots

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Business Card Headshots | Fairfax VA

Business Card Headshots | Fairfax VA

Have you ever thought of incorporating a business headshot onto your business cards? If so, how do you suppose will people perceive it? Will a business card with a headshot of you give a good first impression? Will it help people easily remember you? Will it create a significant impact in your circle of business? These are just a few questions you should consider before incorporating a headshot photo in your business cards. Read More

Professional Headshot at Carbon6Studio – Top 10 reasons why us

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Professional Headshot Studio Fairfax VA

Professional Headshot Studio | Fairfax VA

With quite a number of photographers offering professional headshot services out there, choosing one photographer to work with can be quite a task. With the widespread availability, ease of use and low cost of cameras now a days, there is indeed a lot of competition to choose from. Different photographers, different styles and most specially different personalities to work with. This can easily turn out to be quite stressful. Read More

Choosing your Headshot Background

Your headshot background is an important aspect of your headshot. It can even make or break the totality of your photo. For example, put your subject before a “busy” scene and it takes the concentration off the subject, or choosing a background the same color as your top. It would make your head appear as if it were floating. You wouldn’t want that.

What difference can the right choice make?

A powerful professional headshot ought to have freshness and a snap to it. I like to have a gray background with a slight halo effect of brighter light behind you.  This brings the focus in on you and also makes your headshot look fresh and modern.   Read More

The real power of a new headshot

Power of a New HeadshotWhen it comes to making a first impression with your potential clients online, having an up-to-date professional headshot makes all the difference. In platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, images are driving customer engagement, so a new headshot is paramount.

So, what is the real power in having a new headshot?

Without a doubt, each time you update your profile picture on any of social networking platform, people see it. Having an updated headshot gives people an initial visual introduction to who you are. It is showing off who and what you are as of the moment. It can even showcase the your business or your current projects. Additionally, your headshot decides whether how marketable you are. With a high quality, current headshot, you are far more marketable to potential clients. Read More

Should I take off my glasses for my headshot session?

Fairfax VA and Washington DC Corporate Headshot Photographer

In deciding whether or not to wear your eyeglasses during your headshot session, you should ask yourself this. “When do I wear my glasses?”. If your answer is “Just when I get up in the morning to get myself from the room to the bathroom where my contacts are kept. I’ll never wear them outside!” – at that point, obviously, you should leave it off for the headshot. But if you wear eyeglasses every day, you should wear them in your professional photo. Since it is the means by which the world knows you. Read More

Why having a bad corporate headshot hurts you

Carbon6studio is a Modern Corporate Headshot Photography studio located in Fairfax Va.

Carbon6studio is a Modern Corporate Headshot Photography studio located in Fairfax Va.

In a world where people come and go, it is important to always have a good first impression as it will most likely be the moment for which you will be remembered. When impressions about an image or a person is formed, judgment instantaneously follows. Thus, dictating the way we act and decide about a certain image or person. Therefore, a good corporate headshot photo equals good or positive impression. Bad headshot on the other hand, would also mean bad or negative impression. Read More

2 Headshot Photography Myths

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Being a corporate headshot photographer, I hear people talk about what a photo does to you – photo myths so to say. What is this “photo myths” to be exact? To put things simply, these are misconceptions or ideas of what people think when they get their headshot photo taken or when they’re in front of the camera lens. Read More

Uploading your Headshot on LinkedIn

You can change your LinkedIn Profile Photo anytime. If you change your haircut, or your photograph gets outdated, change it with a picture that will enable the people to remember you if they meet you face to face.  It’s always best to update your headshot when you get a haircut or make a big change in your appearance.  Follow these instructions on how to update your headshot on Linkedin.  Read More