One Simple Trick for Men to Look Awesome in their Headshot

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Do you want to look in charge, experienced, better looking, more knowledgeable in your headshot?  There’s one thing actors have been doing for years that many people don’t know about and it does all that for them.

It’s the squinch!  It might sound silly but it’s true. See the pictures below.

When we squinch our eyes together it portrays confidence. The wider our eyes are, the more it portrays confusion, being scared and frightened. This is acting 101, well maybe 202 stuff.  You can even see from looking at photos of actors earlier on in their career and see certain moments where they started using the squinch.  This is something they picked up from image consultants and acting trainers.  You can clearly see when Brad Pitt learned about the squinch earlier on and his career.  For Mark Hammel it looks like he learned about the squinch much later in his career.  Either way the evidence is in the pictures and either way doing it will help you look more confident and in charge in your next headshot.

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