Why having a bad corporate headshot hurts you

Carbon6studio is a Modern Corporate Headshot Photography studio located in Fairfax Va.

Carbon6studio is a Modern Corporate Headshot Photography studio located in Fairfax Va.

In a world where people come and go, it is important to always have a good first impression as it will most likely be the moment for which you will be remembered. When impressions about an image or a person is formed, judgment instantaneously follows. Thus, dictating the way we act and decide about a certain image or person. Therefore, a good corporate headshot photo equals good or positive impression. Bad headshot on the other hand, would also mean bad or negative impression.

First impressions always last.

This is why it is most important to have or use a good headshot especially when presenting yourself to others. A headshot represents you. Your personal brand so to say. It must reflect who you’re as a person and what you want to convey. Whether it be for marketing and advertising purposes or simply using it to introduce oneself to a company or individual, it will be the first thing that possible clients would see which will in turn contribute to the way they see you and your overall image or personal branding.

Having a bad headshot will just send a negative image that will work against you. Instead of attracting people towards yourself and what you have to offer, you might have just done the opposite. Having a bad headshot will make you miss out on an opportunity to present, communicate and connect yourself to possible clients. This will be the difference between a possibility and reality.

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