Why companies should stop using mismatched Headshots

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How many times have you gone to a companies website and their about me page and seen their staff bios along with their pictures and noticed that some are professional photos, some are ID badge photos, some are just smart phone photos of them? It happens all the time and is terrible for brand.

Go ask your web developer what your most popular webpage on your website is outside of your home page. It’s most likely going to be the about us page. People like to see who they are working with and who makes up your company.

Your company Headshots should make your company feel more approachable and also display confidence in your work to your potential client, enough where they reach out to you. If you fail at either, you most likely won’t be getting their work.

So does having mismatched photos show confidence and approachability to potential clients? With new Headshots every year your company will have updated pictures of their staff, none outdated styling, and a modern feel that’s great for branding. It shows you really care about your business and brand, and if a company cares about their brand they will definitely care about doing the best job for their clients.

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