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Professional Headshot Studio Fairfax VA

Professional Headshot Studio | Fairfax VA

With quite a number of photographers offering professional headshot services out there, choosing one photographer to work with can be quite a task. With the widespread availability, ease of use and low cost of cameras now a days, there is indeed a lot of competition to choose from. Different photographers, different styles and most specially different personalities to work with. This can easily turn out to be quite stressful.Now, let me tell you about Carbon6studio. Sure, there are a ton of reasons why you ought to consider this studio to take your professional headshot photographs. Honestly, I could give you a list of reasons.

For example:

  • Carbon6Studio is super awesome (we’re not biased)
  • The photographers have world class talent (definitely not biased)
  • The equipment and studio is top of the line (not that these aren’t all true :))

But of course this would be very generic and quite frankly, expressly implied.

At Carbon6Studio, we cater to your different needs. We pride ourselves with the work we make, share our talents in the industry, and most of all develop our expertise that we may serve you better. Carbon6Studio has it all! To add on the list, check out the following reasons as to why you should choose us for your professional headshot studio and/or photographer:

Top 10 Reasons

  • Showcases a unique style of photography. By far, I think this is one of the most important considerations for our clients. Our photographs are heavily influenced by cinema thus making it one of a kind.
  • We (Brett and Paul) are very laid back and very easy to work with. Having your headshot photos taken can be quite unnerving especially for those who are not very comfortable in front of the camera. Both of us work very hard to keep you looking your best and also keep you relaxed.
  • We offer direction or helpful insights for when you come up blank regarding choices to be made before and during your session.
  • Get a varied number of selection in your photos.
  • On-call hair and make-up services.
  • Photography is our full-time job. We do this kind of work all day, everyday.
  • As your photographers, we have years long experience in taking photos. Brett discovered photography when he was in high school and started working on portraiture in college.  After college he worked in his own studio and also ran his wedding photography business. Paul’s story is very similar as well!
  • Your headshot photos will be timeless.
  • We have a stellar studio! Our 2,450 sq/ft studio is climate-controlled, daylight-balanced and includes, three configurable production rooms, a kitchenette, bathroom and office.
  • We love taking photos. It is our passion and we consider each of our photographs a work of art.

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