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Headshot Studio Photography located in Fairfax VA - Carbon6Studio

Headshot Studio Photography located in Fairfax VA – Carbon6Studio

I wanted to go over a few things about having a functional headshot studio and how that can help make an amazing headshot.  Also, I wanted to talk about what makes a headshot studio functional and the differences in studios and why some are better for headshots than others.

Not all headshot studios are created equal! As a headshot photographer, there are a few things I require in my studio to ensure we get the best quality of photos.  Now first off, I can take a headshot anywhere, but some locations are easier than others; some studios minimize the spread of light which is great because with headshot photography I’m trying to control light.

What I look for in a studio for headshots.

  1. Tall ceilings.  The taller the better!  For two reasons, one because it’s easier to have lights above my subject which is good for headshots.   Also because low ceilings can reflex light which you don’t want.
  2. Dark and neutral color walls.  Gray works the best because that’s a natural color that doesn’t reflect light.  You run the risk of colors bleeding onto your subject when the walls are painted any non-neutral color.
  3. Large open spaces.  Tiny spaces can be uncomfortable to work in, especially with a client in there.  My studio is big enough where I can have 3 shooting areas set up at once and run a client through 3 lighting setups in 5 mins.  One more reason, lighting control!
  4. Mirrors and glass windows.  Glass windows and Mirrors can reflect light from my lights making it harder to control my lighting.
  5. Separate changing rooms and makeup rooms.  I want my clients to be able to change, freshen up, and go over their makeup and hair in private if need be.

Most people think a photography studio should be a little cute room with a big window and white walls but that’s the exact opposite of what you should want in a functional studio for headshots.

To learn more about our studio at Carbon6Studio click the following link. Carbon6Studio Located in Fairfax Va.  Also, to learn more about booking your headshot click the following link.  Book your headshot in our Fairfax VA studio.


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