Retouching headshot photos

Fairfax VA and Washington DC Corporate Headshot Photographer

Retouching headshot photos is a unique balance between perfection and authenticity. As a photographer I want your photos to look like you on your best day. This means, your photos should look natural but polished. It shouldn’t appear photoshopped at all because any hint of Photoshop will make you unauthentic. However, your headshots also must seem flawless.

With the knowledge and use of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop I can make wonders! I can carefully smooth skin, remove wrinkles, brighten the whites of your eyes, make the color of your eyes pop more, whiten teeth, enhance the color of your lips to name a few things.

Photoshop isn’t everything on your headshot!

As a professional headshot photographer, I know how to pose you the best way. This will showcase you in the most positive away.  Most people have heard the saying “the camera adds 10lbs on you” but that’s only true with a bad photographer.  An amazing headshot photographer can easily make you look 10 or even 20lbs thinner with just some simple posing techniques.  Now all that is done with posing and without photoshop but it’s important to realize that with bad posing no headshot can be fixed in photoshop.  I also started photography before photoshop and digital cameras so I relied on getting it right in the camera.

Why do photographers retouch headshot photos

Most people who come into my studio tell me that they aren’t photogenic and hate all their other headshots. This is a natural response.  We are our own worst critic and are always the harshes on ourselves.  We all have one little feature that we don’t like about ourselves.  I feel like one of my eyes is slightly more closed than the other. But I guarantee no one ever notices that when they see me in person or in my pictures, but that’s what I focus on when I look at pictures of myself.  Once you realize this you can start to see yourself and your pictures in a more positive manner.

So when it comes to editing your headshots, I have already gotten you posed in camera the best way possible. So the only thing I should have to do is clean a few things up.  Remove some scared and wrinkles, remove any blemishes.  Next I brighten your eyes, then make your eyes pop a bit more, whiten your teeth a bit, make your lips pop with a bit of color, clean any flyaway hairs up and finally add a bit of texture to your hair.  All these things are so subtle where it’s not changing what you look like. It’s just making you look like a slightly better version of yourself!

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