How to Easily Schedule your Headshot Session

Washington DC Headshot Photography

Washington DC Headshot Photography and Corporate Portrait Photography based in Fairfax VA.

We strive to make booking your headshot an easy and effortless process to keep you moving through your busy day.  We understand that getting a professional headshot can be painful for you so that’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you.  These steps are how to easily schedule your headshot session with us.

Step 1.   Schedule and book your session with us!  We make it super simple for you to check our open time slots, pick which spot works best for you, pay via credit card and then get a confirmation email for your headshot session along with what to expect from your session.

Step 2.  Arrive at our 2500 sq/ft studio in Fairfax Va that’s conveniently located right off 495, 66, and right down the street from Tysons Corner.   Then have an amazing headshot session!  I promise it will be fun and easy.

Step 3. See all your headshot images via a PDF we will send you within 24 hours after your headshot.  Most people get the images right after their session.  Once you receive them, you choose your favorites and let us know.

Step 4:  We then take your favorite images you selected and edit over them, removing blemishes, stray hairs, bags under eyes, teeth whiting and even go through and brighten the whites of eyes and making the color pop more with your eyes.

Step 5: Within 48 hours of selecting your favorite images you will receive your fully edited headshots in full resolution.  Now all you have to do is update your LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and website with your new headshots!  We will also send you some great resources on how to best utilize your new headshot to improve your brand!

For more information on how to get some amazing headshots from us and to book your own headshots please check out the following link!  Headshot Photography

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