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Finding a great Headshot Photographer

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It’s not easy finding a good headshot photographer these days. He or she must make the client look and feel great and most importantly take amazing headshots! To help you out, here are some pointers and skills to look for when trying to find a great Headshot Photographer.

1. A great headshot photogapher needs to be able to give you direction on how to make you look the best.

Getting direction on posing that makes you look slimmer, more trusting, friendlier, and in charge can be hard and isn’t something an average headshot photographer can do.

2.  A wardrobe list.

The average person isn’t going to know what clothes really flatters them or what colors they should be wearing.  Are patterns, or stripes a good idea?  A great photographer should have the answers to those questions and they should probably be somewhere on their website.  We have them on a few places!

3.  Professional hair and make up artist.

Any headshot photographer should have a list of professional MUA on hand in case you need one for your headshot.  Not everyone wants to have one but they do make a difference.  Ask your photographer who they recommend.

4.  Touchup skills.

I put my headshots through a 40point touchup checklist.  Skin smoothing, teeth whitening, eye brightening are just a few things that get done.  These are something you should absoultly have on your headshot to make sure it looks the best it can.

5.  A portfolio to give you an idea and examples on what can be done.

There are so many different styles of headshots, lighting setups and posing that can be done.  Your headshot photographer needs to show you what they can do to help you pick how your headshot will look.

6.  Most of all, In order for the headshot to be successful, a photographer should be open-minded.

He should listen to what the client wants, and try not to impose his or her wants. Thus, being with a photographer who really is passionate with his or her work is a plus. One who is fun to be with and you can even feel comfortable with, and without attempting to mull over posturing for your photo.

For more tips on getting your best headshot, please check out our FAQs and Blog for more great information!


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