How often should your company get Headshots done

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I get asked this questions all the time. There’s no real right answer for one company so I like to ask the following questions to see if it’s a good time to update your company Headshots.

Are you happy with your previous Headshots? Pretty simple, really. If you aren’t happy with them, well let’s get some new ones done.
Have you added more people to your team or business? If you have new people added on your team and they haven’t gotten their Headshots, well now it’s a good time to do that. It actually might be more cost efficient to go ahead and get your whole team’s pictures done at once because I offer discounts for groups.
Does everyone on your team have the same headshot? If not and you have a bunch of mismatched Headshots, then yes, let’s get your new Headshots taken ASAP! Nothing is worst for branding than having your about me page on your website have a mismatch group of professional Headshots.
Does everyone in your team look the same? Styles change, people’s haircuts, some people grow beards; if anyone has had any major changes in physical appearance, your might want to update them. Having outdated pictures and styling in your Headshots says that your company isn’t modern and innovative, lacking new ideas. Most companies don’t want their brand being seen like that.

Now that you answered those questions, if you fall under any of these categories you might want to get new Headshots taken for your team.

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